~Energy Management Systems from Basic Power~

With The Basic Power Unit, You only Pay For  the Electricity You Use.

The BPU™ senses and corrects anomalies in the electrical service arising from the utility supplied electrical service and power quality issues created within your building to make your electrical power very efficient. 

The BPU™ clips the energy spikes that are generated when equipment is switched to reduce your “Peak Demand” which you utility company uses as a benchmark rate when billing you.


The BPU™ eliminates any harmonic distortion within your electrical service and recycles this energy back into useful power.


The BPU™ balances all the electrical phases and reduces the kW where it is too high or too low on a particular phase.

The BPU™ suppresses sags and surges and optimizes the electrical voltage entering your building. 

The BPU™ technology represents the Best Bang for Your Buck when considering any energy efficient upgrade, retrofit or ESCO project.