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" How we can benifit You "

At Energy Ops Consulting & Sales, We know how to help you save Money on your utilities bills & also Help the Environment.
   Your Electric, Oil, Natural Gas and Water are the backbone of your Home and Business, which is how we can provide innovative solutions that offer you improved efficiency with energy dollars savings with flexible systems that meet your specific needs.

 Energy Ops Consulting & Sales provides Energy Savings with the Sole Source Patent Pending Products using our, " Energy Efficiency Triangle "  
Here is how!

  •  Basic Power's Energy Management System will save you *11 - 20% on your Electric Bill & with a max of a *24 month payback..
  • Fitch Fuel Catalyst Provides a14% savings on commercial 20% residential fuel oil consumption, 8% on Natural Gas and all Combustion Engines, without Additives.
  • QMS Quantum Manufactured Systems Provides an Efficient system for the treatment of Cooling Towers, Boilers. It is also the only product that will remove and prevent Legionella from forming without chemicals, It will also remove scale from your heating & water systems and prevent further accumulation of hard water scale and calcium. While also removing any circulating particles and eliminate microbiological contamination. Utilizing a Programmable copper/silver ion generator.

Well Done is better than Well Said!

These Patented Sole Source have a track record of
Guaranteed Performance.   

Let Energy Ops,

1.  Make you more Energy Efficient.
2. Save you Energy Dollars
3. Improving your Environmental Footprint      


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